How to Pass Marijuana Drug Test?

Marijuana Drug Test

The consumption of cannabis is at its peak nowadays, with two countries – Uruguay and most recently Canada – having both the recreational and medical uses considered as legal, as well as the cultivation itself. Furthermore, the annual prevalence of consumption among the 15-64 years-old was estimated to be of 11.2% in the USA.

In the last post, we discussed how the THC disseminates and distributes itself throughout our circulatory system until it reaches the liver, where it is metabolized,  and the brain, where it develops its main psychoactive function. We also saw that the compounds have a strong lipophilic interaction, causing them to be stored on some specific tissues even if the main part of the doses gets excreted after a few days.

What If It Is Illegal in My Country, But I Want to Test It? Am I likely to be caught?

Here is the main topic of this post. Although marijuana might already be legal in some countries, it is surely not in others. This means that many people can be fined or even imprisoned, in case they get caught with the substance. Moreover, employers often perform drug tests on their team members.

To begin with, we cannot stress enough that it is absolutely impossible to predict for how long will the weed effects last and for how long it will be stored in your organism. What we have are approximations or averages to estimate it because each individual has its own metabolism and, therefore, metabolic rates can be faster or slower. The window for positive results, therefore, varies greatly according to the metabolism, quantity, frequency of use and even with the person’s weight, as fatter people have more fat cells to store more compounds.  Besides the personal aspect of the question, this also depends on the types of the weed itself such as how many grams of the substance are consumed and the percentage of THC in the strain.

What Types of Tests Are Available?

The range of tests to check for THC in your organism is wide, but there are mainly four ways to search for it – blood, saliva, urine (most common) and hair. These produce very different results, as you can imagine. In fact, metabolites disappear sooner from blood than from hair. As explained before, the metabolites are washed up from your bloodstream and, while some are stored in fat cells, others are excreted by urine.

Therefore, blood testing has the shortest time for detection (12-24 hrs), then saliva (12-72h), urine (about 5 days for infrequent users; until up to more than 30 days for chronic uses) and hair (it is curious but the hair follicle is attached to sebaceous glands that produce sebum, which is basically fat, so approximately 90 days as it gets stored in the hair itself). Remember, all these numbers are hypothetical and are not exact.

By now we should introduce you to the concept of false-positives and false-negatives. This happens when a test marks positive when it is not (a positive test from someone who did not take the drug is a false positive). This should not happen in the case of passive smoking, as it is very unlikely that a passive smoker turns positive at all.

How Can I Beat the Odds?

The easiest approach is, obviously, to fill the tank with another person’s urine. There is no way for people to know if that urine is yours by its color, but if they compare it to a previous analytic they can figure out if the kidneys are yours or not because things work differently from person to person. Mike Tyson himself has done this already, legend says.

But in case we cannot fake our pee, we have got to make sure that we excrete all the weed before the test comes. There are lots of products that claim to produce miracles in what comes to detoxifying your body from the weed you smoked last night. Some say it’s the zinc, some say it’s vitamin B12, some say the detox drinks make the deal. To intake as much salt as possible for water to flow out of the cells by osmosis, causing an excessive amount of pee and to drink tons of water is the best way to cut it from my point of view, as it increases the excretion rate of the drug with the urine. Otherwise, and truth be told, no matter what you hear or read there is only one secret to pass a drug test at 100% rates of predictability in the human body – abstinence.