Types of Cannabis

As was previously mentioned in our introductory post, marijuana is a common term used to broadly describe the species that are part of the Cannabis genus, a flowering plant from the family of the Cannabaceae.

Types of Cannabis

There are three primary varieties under the Cannabis genus:

  1. Sativa
  2. Indica
  3. Ruderalis

Each one of these strains has their own peculiarities from the size of the stalk to the length of the leaves and the favorite climates and geographical regions of each one. So, let’s look closer.

The Sativa has that characteristic – tall stem we see from reggae music video clips in Jamaica, while Indica is shorter, and the Ruderalis even more. Leaves are narrow in the case of Sativa, broad and wide in the case of the Indica. Sativa is more adapted to the warm climates, hence Jamaica. Indica, as the name states, has its origin in the Indian mountains. And Ruderalis is typically from Russia.

Marijuana Components and Their Effect on the Body

Even so, on the chemical side, they are composed by the same two main cannabinoids, which are the CBD (CannaBiDiol) and the THC (TetraHydroCannabinol). This can sound a bit too geeky, but it is pretty simple. In fact, THC is very psychoactive, and it is responsible for the typical “high” you get once you inhale the smoke; on the other hand, CBD is a component responsible for that calm sensation of sleepiness once you smoke marijuana. So imagine the cannabis as being a two-edged sword, possessing both the relaxation and the euphoria in the same bud.

And this takes us to the next point, which is the uses we can give to the plant itself. To begin with, let’s assume that we are smoking the marijuana. The higher THC percentage of the batch, the higher the euphoric feelings. Therefore, you usually smoke high-level THC marijuana to get high for recreational use, which makes sense.

Where Cannabis Is Used

On the other hand, CBD has other types of uses, mainly under the form of oil. Cannabis oil is the new black for medical purposes, as it has analgesic and anti-anxiety therapeutic properties that make it suitable for medical treatments on neuropsychiatric disorders or, in the sense of easing the pain, cancer palliative treatment.

But then we have a whole different approach to the Cannabis, which we would like to introduce to you as the most secular use that humans give to the plant – the hemp. Hemp has been cultivated for more than 4 thousand years and its use is not recreational – as it has <1% THC -, not medical, but… everything else? In fact, its fiber is used to fabricate paper, plays a major role in industries such as the textile industry, has high nutrition values, acts as a biofuel, etc. Then why is it forbidden? Who knows…

Last but not least, we will drop you one curiosity that will most likely strike you. Did you know that the Cannabis indica is typically found in the Kush mountains, in India, while one of the main strains is called the Hindu Kush? You have probably heard about the Kush already… right?

See you next time!