Medical Marijuana – What Is It and When to Use It

Marijuana or weed is slowly becoming more acceptable in today’s society. Scientific research has continued to show there are medical benefits in using this plant. The drug comes from a marijuana plant and has not been approved by the FDA to be used as medicine. However, there is new science that has developed marijuana into […]

How to Pass Marijuana Drug Test?

The consumption of cannabis is at its peak nowadays, with two countries – Uruguay and most recently Canada – having both the recreational and medical uses considered as legal, as well as the cultivation itself. Furthermore, the annual prevalence of consumption among the 15-64 years-old was estimated to be of 11.2% in the USA. In […]

Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Disclaimer – as medicine has, within the limits of the human existence, different interpretations and criteria from expert to expert, nowadays the concept of dependence is more discussed than ever as the most recent DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, a psychiatrist’s Holy Bible) stirred things up mixing concepts like dependence, addiction and […]

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System?

To sum up some information from the last posts, we state that a regular joint has more than 60 cannabinoids, with the most important being the THC. The intoxication for cannabis begins with a pleasant sensation, which starts in 10-30 mins from the moment you smoke it and lasts for about 2-4h. The motor and […]

Risks Connected with Marijuana Abuse

Following the thread of our last post, we stated that marijuana has two main chemical compounds – the THC, psychoactive, and the CBD, non-psychoactive. We have also talked about Cannabis and its most common uses – recreational, for the THC; medical, for the CBD; and industrial, as seen in the hemp. Recreational Use – How […]

Types of Cannabis

As was previously mentioned in our introductory post, marijuana is a common term used to broadly describe the species that are part of the Cannabis genus, a flowering plant from the family of the Cannabaceae. Types of Cannabis There are three primary varieties under the Cannabis genus: Sativa Indica Ruderalis Each one of these strains […]

Overview of Marijuana

As you most likely already took notice, marijuana is a common term used to describe broadly the Cannabis genus of the flowering plant family of the Cannabaceae. What makes this plant special is the level of THC and CBD, among other components, which give it the psychoactive trait for what it is commonly known. There […]